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Wealth & Wellness + Soul Podcast

Jan 17, 2018

You wouldn't plan a long journey without putting fuel in your car, would you?

When we try to lose weight there are ways to achieve results in a healthy long-term way, or in a short-term way that is unhealthy and ineffective in the long run.

Deep down, we all know we're supposed to eat breakfast, but do you really understand what you do to your energy levels and body weight if you don't?

In this fourth episode, Lorisa Leigh explains not just how your metabolism gets jacked up by not eating Breakfast, and how your energy levels can be affected negatively by not following this simple ritual, leading to possible weight gain as a result, but his episode also analyses how these choices can affect the choices you make regarding your food intake later in the day.

Breakfast is more than just a meal that starts your day, but it is the kick starter of the day that determines how your day will pan out!

Make the right choice! Eat a healthy breakfast.

Thank you for listening to the fourth episode of the Hot Mess To Ultimate Success Podcast with Lorisa Leigh. 

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